Burmesische Flüchtlingswaisenkinder
Hilfsaufruf aus Japan für 200 buddhistische
Flüchtings-Waisenkinder aus Burma in Thailand:

Help for Burmese Orphans

These children, ethnic Karen, Burman, and Tavoyan, have lost their parents in fighting between the KNU and the Burmese army or to diseases which are endemic in the area, especially malaria.

The abbot of the monastery doesn't discriminate between Karen or Burman, KNU or DKBO. Although he can offer the orphans adequate shelter, he stresses that their condition is pitiful. Providing them with sufficient food is the most pressing problem. The two hundred children need at least 33 sacks of rice every month, an impossible burden for the local village and the monastery.

Weaving for Women, a Sangkhlaburi-based refugee project long supported by BRC-J, has offered to supply handwoven blankets for the children before winter sets in and to try locally to get contributions of inexpensive school supplies.

BRC-J is making an emergency appeal for help to supply these children with rice rations and other necessities.

Personal checks (U.S.) or international drafts can be sent to:

Burmese Relief Center–Japan
2001 Missouri Avenue
Flint, MI 48506, U.S.A.

Donations of children's clothing can be sent via sea mail to:

Orphans Project
17 Moo 1
Tong Boon Nong Loo
Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi 71240

Please mark the packages:

Used Clothing
For Charity
No Commercial Value


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